25 years ago I started MY RESEARCH on technical preparation in the world of surfing. Studying Olympic sports, I understood that the science of biomechanics answers the questions of the technical movements of the body for a better performance. The definition of muscle recruitment, joint angulation, trajectories as a function of body planes and axes and kinetic variables was something that did not yet exist in the world of surfing.

From this observation, I started my research to reach factual conclusions of techniques that could be used in a simulated environment and in water. In addition, I studied the pedagogical processes that are fundamental for the systematization of an efficient method.

Through tests carried out with different levels of surfers, it was possible to prove the effect of the techniques in improving the performance and the teaching process in the speed and quality of learning.

Imagine being able to rely on scientifically based knowledge to achieve the best results in your sport. Sports science and the MAP methodology offer just that. Athletes and recreational practitioners who are dedicated to understanding and applying scientific principles in their training have a significant competitive advantage and more speed in their evolution. Sports science brought a revolutionary edge to Olympic sports, thanks to the time and knowledge invested in its development. Through the scientific studies of MAP Técnica, we had access to information of extremely high power of influence, which boost the performance of athletes and recreational surfers to unimaginable levels. MAP's research encompasses several disciplines of the Science of Human Motricity. Biomechanics, motor behavior, movement physiology and sports pedagogy are the bases that sustain the Method Arthur Philippi. MAP is constantly evolving, studies never stop, as the goal is always to optimize the technique and achieve excellence. All of our content undergoes a series of proof tests before becoming a technical standard. In this way, we managed to guarantee the robustness of the method, making it possible for anyone to improve.

Surfing biomechanics is a field of study that focuses on the analysis of human movement and the mechanical principles related to surfing. It involves examining the interaction between the surfer, the board and the water to understand how different factors influence surfing performance and technique.

Biomechanics studies the ideal body positioning and posture of surfers while riding the waves. This includes factors such as balance, center of gravity, body alignment and limb movements. Proper body positioning allows surfers to generate speed, maintain stability and execute maneuvers effectively. Understanding the biomechanics of surfing can help surfers, coaches and equipment designers improve performance, improve technique and reduce the risk of injuries. By applying biomechanical principles, surfers can optimize their movements, increase efficiency and maximize the enjoyment of the sport.

Biomechanical patterns also facilitate the understanding of movements, once the positions and movement sequence of each body part are defined. The greater the amount of detail that contains the characterization of a technique, the better the performance and the greater the speed to improve. MAP Técnica is the only method that has reached grade 4 of characterizing the technical standards of surfing, which facilitates the students' learning process, raises the level of video analysis and promotes a unique degree of evolution, possible only for those who have access to the MAP method.

The teaching process developed by MAP pioneered the combination of tools to automate biomechanical movement patterns. Combining ground training, functional exercises and making use of surf simulators (surf skate), we managed to make students improve much faster and consciously, that is, the students themselves are able to see their opportunities for improvement and what they are doing correctly. Over the last 25 years, the techniques developed by MAP have been tested and improved at all levels of surfers, enabling the creation of specific approaches to students, understanding the facilities and restrictions of each one, the method promotes evolution respecting the individualities. We have a rigorous validation process for all content produced by MAP. Each piece of information goes through a series of tests before becoming a technical standard. MAP also sought in the philosophy of martial arts a model that guarantees, to anyone who has access to the method, to evolve regardless of skill level or age. Becoming a black belt in surfing will only depend on the will of each one, as MAP shows the way, step by step, of everything that is necessary to reach a high level of surfing.

Don't pass up the chance to benefit from this revolutionary approach. Invest in science, knowledge and its potential. With MAP, you have the tools to progress and become a better surfer or even an outstanding athlete.